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We have an interesting and rich history

MukaMunya was developed as a gated community estate in a park setting on the Leopards Hill Road, comprising 64 one hectare plots and an amenities area with clubhouse, sporting facilities, and the famous Monkey Pools. The construction of the estate began in 2007. All of the plots have been sold. The project has experienced delays but it is now in the final stages of completion.
The management of the estate including the security and the upkeep of the common facilities is vested in the MukaMunya Homeowners Association (“MHOA”), a non profit Association governed by its Constitution and registered under the Societies Act. The MHOA is managed by an Executive Committee elected annually by the homeowner members.
At its 2nd AGM held on the 5 April 2014, the MHOA decided to create MukaMunya Club, a division of the MHOA , for the purpose of improving and organising the facilities and activities at the common amenities areas situated at Monkey Pools. To allow others to enjoy the sporting facilities and the unique riverine setting and beauty of Monkey Pools it was decided to offer outside memberships in the MukaMunya Club. There are two classes of membership:

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