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We’re excited that you’re considering membership at MukaMunya. You may submit your application for club membership using the form below, or by downloading and delivering in person the PDF Application Form. 

Membership Category Definition of membership category Annual Rate
Homeowner Homeowner members of the MHOA as defined by the constitution. Homeowners are automatically members of the MM club and the levies paid are inclusive of club membership. N/A
Residents Outside members who are residents at Mukamunya but who are not landowners. Family: $450
Couple: $300
Child: $50
Non-residents Outside members who are not residents at Mukamunya. Family: $900
Couple: $600
Individual: $400
Child: $100
Corporate Members who belong to a corporate entity that holds a Corporate outside membership in the MM Club. The fees for this category of membership will be assessed at the discretion of the Executive Committee. Discretionary
* Family of 5 which includes children under 18** Children between the ages 12-18 years old

Entry Fees for MukaMunya Homeowners

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