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Rules and Regulations

Summary of key provisions

Legal Structure and management

MukaMunya Club (“MM Club”) is a division of the MukaMunya Homeowners Association (“MHOA”), a non-profit association registered under the Societies Act.
The authority overseeing the MHOA including the MM Club is the Executive Committee (“EC”) elected by the Homeowners.

The Monkey Pools Recreational Subcommittee

Provides for the establishing of a Recreational Subcommittee of the MHOA Will consist of 5 members appointed by the EC of the MHOA.
The Chairperson of the Subcommittee will be a member of the EC of the MHOA Will be responsible for developing and overseeing the activities programmes of the MM Club.


Specifies the categories of membership: Homeowners and outside members comprising, Residents, Non-residents, and Corporate.
Homeowners are automatically members.
Non homeowners may apply for outside membership.
Membership privileges will be suspended if homeowners fall more than 2 months in arrears on levies or if outside members are not fully paid up on their membership fees.
Both homeowner and outside members will be issued with membership cards and there will be registers and access controls at the gates.

Objectives and values

Providing members and guests with an exceptional experience.
Achieving a full vibrant membership whilst maintaining a strong financial position.
Built on foundation values of: respect, integrity, family orientation, sound environmental practices, sense of ownership by members, and preservation of unique ecology of Monkey Pools.

Private functions by members at Monkey Pools

Monkey Pools is primarily for the use and enjoyment of members. Private non commercial functions will be allowed subject to terms and conditions:
Private function application form must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the date of the function.
Private functions of up to 20 persons may be held anywhere in the amenities area, including the Clubhouse and normal rules and charges for guests will apply.
Private functions of over 20 and under 100 persons may be held at a designated area close to the Clubhouse. Charges will be determined from time to time by the EC.
Private functions of over 100 persons may be allowed exceptionally at the discretion of the EC for private (non-commercial) purposes but subject to stringent environmental conditions being met. Charges will be d etermined f rom time to time by the EC.
Members are restricted to 4 functions per annum and they must be fully paid up on levies and fees to be eligible to hold a private function.

General rules

These Rules and Regulations may be amended or repealed at any meeting of the EC of the MHOA and any such changes shall be communicated promptly to all members.
Members must sign a register on arrival.
No pets are allowed.
Must abide by rules governing use of mobile phones and tablets.
Must abide by the Club dress code and the non smoking code.
Must indemnify the Club in respect of personal injury, damage to or loss of property.

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